PetChatz Paw Call Pet Camera

petchatz paw call pet camera

PetChatz Paw Call Pet Camera is a two-way communication pet monitoring system that lets you stay up to date on what your dog or cat does while you are not home. The fully contained pet-safe design attached securely to your wall. There are no cords because the unit works with your wireless internet. There are no edges or corners to allow your pet to chew on the system.

PetChatz Pet Camera with Paw Call Bundle

Your dog or cat will see your face on the LED display on the PetChatz HD unit and you can see them from your computer or smartphone via the website or mobile app with this pet camera. PetChatz Paw Call Pet Camera has a unique ringtone to let your pet know you are calling. There is also a silent mode where you can simply observe what is happening at home.   Photos and videos can be captured using PetChatz as well.  You can click the treat button to dispense a treat. PetChatz treats are natural and low-calorie to provide a healthy snack for your pet. There is also the option of using PetChatzScentz to dispense calming scents for anxious dogs. PetChatz will also stream DogTV. This is a channel with dog-friendly programming scientifically designed to play for dogs left at home alone.

PetChatz Paw Call Pet Camera Expanded Options

PetChatz can be paired with the PawCall accessory for an even more interactive experience with your dog. The pet safe three by four inch pad attaches to the wall or floor near your PetChatz HD System. The paw-shaped light will come on to let your pet know they can call you. You can pre-arrange play time by scheduling it on the PetChatz website or mobile app. There are interactive games that reward your pet with a treat when they hit the button at the correct times by following the light signals. The PetChatz HD system is cheaper without the PawCall accessory, but it is available if you want to add to your experience.  We recommend the PetChatz HD Pet Camera Two-Way Audio With Paw Calls for the full experience for you and your pet.

Many pet owners want to keep an eye on their dogs or cats while they are away at work or other activities. An average web camera is not interactive like the PetChatz system. This pet specific webcam allows you to not only see your animals but talk to them and even give them treats. There is also the option of the PawCall accessory which allows your pet to call you during pre-scheduled times. You schedule the calls through the website or your smartphone and the paw on the device lights up. This allows your dog to push the button and call you. They can see you on the screen and hear your voice. Then you reward them with treats. If your pet is nervous or suffers from separation anxiety you can opt to use the PetScentz dispenser. This provides calming scents to help your dog relax. You can also stream DogTv with PetChatz to give your dog some company while you are not on the screen to interact with them.

Schedule Your Pets Day with this Pet Camera

Owners who purchase the PetChatz and PawCall bundle can schedule their dog’s entire day. For example, they can schedule DogTV to play for two hours in the morning, then schedule a PawCall time during their lunch hour. DogTV can be scheduled again for the afternoon and maybe a few more PawCall times. It’s called Camp PetChatz and it provides your dog with mental stimulation and tasty rewards during the day while you are absent. Of course, you can still check in any time in Silent mode and just keep an eye on your dog. If you have multiple pets it may help you determine which one is having accidents in the house or which one may be getting sick. Or you might simply want to know which dog is chewing on the furniture while you are away. Most devoted pet owners hate being away from their pets while they work or travel. When running home to check on them every few hours is not an option, checking on them via PetChatz Paw Call Pet Camera is. It can give you peace of mind and a chance to interact with your dog when you are missing them during the day or during an overnight trip. It also gives them a chance to call you when they are in need of hearing your voice or seeing your face on the screen. The DogTV option helps keep them entertained and gives them company as well while you are gone.

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