Pawbo Pet Camera

pawbo pet camera

Pawbo Pet Camera Review

The Pawbo Pet Camera is a great pet camera for interaction with your pet for the traveling types, or even those who work long hours, being away from pets can be a tough thing to get used to. When you get used to seeing their cheeky faces every day, or you have gotten used to being around them on a daily basis, time away can be tough. To help you cope with that problem, though, are pet cameras. These are always-on cameras that act like a security solution to help you find out where your pet is, what it does with its time, and if it needs any help. As ever, though, the market has many options for pet cameras to pick from.

To help you make the right choice, we recommend that you take a closer look at the Pawbo pet camera. A cool and charismatic style of camera, Pawbo makes it very easy for you to start working in a more easy-going way to make sure that Fido or Felix are safe as houses when you are not there. What, though, is the reason for the Pawbo pet camera being one of the best on the market?

Why should you invest your money into this pet camera over some of the other options?

The Pawbo Pet Camera

The Pawbo catches the eye, because it does not catch the eye. Contradiction aside, it’s the wonderful and minimalistic detail of the pet camera itself that makes it stand out so much from the norm. It’s hard to see and thus easy to hide away or put in the right place to avoid your pet tampering with it, thanks to that minimalistic design. When put in the right place, too, it can more or less be invisible to the naked eye, giving you extra visibility without any of the usual concerns about your pet making it dinner.

It’s also one of the easiest cameras to set up on the market. Diverse and with excellent options for customization, you can find that the Pawbo pet camera offers such a wonderful and engaging style of camera for newbies. If you are not a tech head and want something that can be organized to work exactly as you need, then this is the ideal pet camera to invest some time and money looking into.

This offers a fine choice of pet camera thanks to the fact it’s so feature-heavy, too, as it brings to the table many benefits that the competition simply cannot.

For example, this has an excellent 110-degree turn using an ultra-wide lens to capture as much in the one image as possible. Now you should be able to watch the whole of most standard rooms, making it easy for you to get a better view of what is going on in the kitchen, sitting room or beyond. For that reason, then, many people love working with the Pawbo as they can just get a better, clearer image than ever before.

It even comes with a nice revolving treat tray so that your dog can help itself to some nice little treats when you are not here. Just remember to fill it up before you go or your dog will not be able to get any of those snacks that you grabbed for it!

It’s also got 720p HD video recording technology so you can grab snapshots and watch them back when you have time. If anything seems untoward then you can use the video footage to try and gather some kind of evidence of anything that might have gone wrong. For that reason alone, it’s a great pet camera for adding security as well as simplicity.

Pawbo Bet Camera Bonuses

One of the best features about the Pawbo, though, is the introduction of this brilliant little laser dot. It can be moved around with ease, working with an automatic or a manual mode. For cats and the like this can turn into an en endless game, meaning that you can make sure they are still excited and enthused by the day that they have had. By keeping that in mind, you make it much more likely that you can get use this pet camera for more than just checking everything is OK when you aren’t at home.

This actively allows you to give your pet a nice workout. It even comes with a built-in ringtone that is supposed to help gather the attention of your pet and bring it over to the camera. This is great for making sure that your pet is paying attention and that it is more likely to actually come along and see you when you are talking through the audio system. For that reason, many people find that picking up the Pawbo is the best for the solutions that they are actually in need of, vastly improving the way you interact with your pet even when you are not home.

That can be a big difference maker in improving the happiness of your pet. Hearing your voice and then being rewarded with a treat also makes sure that your dog can retain a love and a trust of you, making it much easier for you to believe in your pets’ ability to thrive even when you are not there. You could be using the laser to exercise them, talk to them and give them some encouragement, or feed them a treat: the options open to you are pretty damn extensive.

One of the only let-downs with the Pawbo, though, is the lack of night vision. If you wanted a pet camera with night vision, then this will let you down. It’s going to be tough to find a camera that is as versatile in terms of features and options outside of this, though, so the Pawbo pet camera might be one of the better systems to go for when you need more features.

Keep this in mind and you might just start to see a pretty big change to the way that you work and interact with your pet regularly.

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