Favorite Pet Cameras

Top 3 Favorite Pet Cameras


While all pet cameras have their pros and cons, Talk To My Pet has chosen a few of our favorite pet cameras and pet toys that we strongly recommend. All of these have been handpicked by us to deliver some of the latest and greatest technology packed into a great pet interaction. They also have some of the best pet camera apps!


Favorite Pet Cameras
Taking Pet Interaction to the next level

Top 3 Favorite Pet Cameras Side-by-Side

Pet Cube 1080p
High Definition Video, Recording, 2-Way Chat
Top Contender for Overall Favorite
High Definition Video
Two-way Chat
Laser Pointer Interaction
Great iPhone & Android App
Furbo Treat Camera
High Definition Video, High Level Interaction, 2-Way Chat
High Level Interaction, Low Level Price
Easy Setup
Barking Sensor & Notifications
Treat Tossing Functionality
Free Shipping Available
PetChatz HD Camera
Top Quality Two-Way Audio/Video System
Most Features, Top Quality
Top Quality, Highly Rated
Dispenses Treats Via App
Releases Calming Scents
Pet Can Call You


Pet Cube

One of the best devices that can be used observe a pet from a faraway location is known as the pet cube. This particular pet camera is shaped like a cube and it has some really amazing features. First, a pet owner can watch their pet in a live HD format. They can also talk to their furry little friends while they view them. The two-way audio speaker system provides this feature.

Just imagine that you are away from home on a long vacation. You and I both know that taking your pooch or feline on a trip around the world might not be the be the best thing to do. Basically, if you want to be gone for a long time from home, you will have to sacrifice some time away from your pet. What a bummer.

With the Pet Cube, you don’t have to compromise so much time. You can have your pet watched by a trusted friend or a pet care service. While your animal is being cared for by someone else you can then use your cube to contact your dog. This device will make being away from home much easier on the both of you.

Pet cubes even allow owners to take pictures and videos of their interaction with their pets. Some of the units even have a laser light that can be controlled by the owner for the pet’s delight. Chasing the laser can be a lot of fun for pet owners and their zealous animal friends. The units come in silver, rose gold and black. This strong contender ranks it as one of our favorite pet cameras.

Petchaz HD and Pawcall Bundle

The Petchaz HD and Pawcall Bundle is sometime referred to as digital daycare for pets. This unit is made for animals that have to stay at home all by themselves. Once this unit is on, a pet owner can simply observe their canine or feline while they roam about their home. The unit has a low-light camera feature, a full LCD color display and a Pawcall button.

Pets can actually call their masters by pressing this button so they can engage in robust and exciting games. The unit can even stream Dogs TV which is a 24 hour “cable-like” channel exclusively for pets. Just imagine your pet watching their “doggie shows” that is loaded with content that they like. They will certainly get a big thrill out of the programming.

After all it is designed to help them to get through the day while you are away taking care of business. Your dog or cat can not only contact you but they can also watch their favorite shows while your away. You certainly can’t be this if you’re a pet owner.

Furbo Pet Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera does more than just record pictures of your dog. This magnificent device will allow you to feed your pet treats! That’s right, you just load up the unit with a doggy treat and when your dog is behaving properly you can toss him a treat. This unit is even great for cats too. The Furbo Dog Camera is a great unit that will allow you to give you to give your pooch a treat even if you are not home to do it in person.

The Furbo is more than just a dog feeding machine. It also takes great pictures and has lots of other great features such as a digital camera and WiFi capabilities. Pet owners can hook the unit up to their smartphone and call their pets when they are in the mood to see them. This unit has an hour glass design and resembles a sophisticated piece decorative piece as opposed to an ordinary pet camera. This unit is great for a dog and their owner.

All of these pet cameras are more than just cool pet toys. These models are among the best pet cameras reviewed on the market. They are highly advances machines and devices that has helped to revolutionize the way that people take care of their pets in modern times. If you are a pet owner, you should seriously consider using this technology for your own special little furry friend. With the load of offerings and interaction this is one of our favorite pet cameras from all of our pet camera reviews.