Eyenimal Pet Camera

eyenimal pet camera

Review of Eyenimal Pet Camera by Dogtek 

Do you wish to know exactly what your pet does during the time you are not home or with it? Do you wonder whether he is well behaved and he is not messing up your couch or any other thing in your house? You need a pet camera and the Eyenimal Pet Camera by Dogtek is a very good option. This camera operates differently from other pet cameras as it gives you the chance to see things from your pet’s perspective. You get to see what your pet sees and wherever he is headed. In a situation where your pet wanders away, you will be able to see the places he has been to and know where exactly to start your search. You will be able to see what your pet eats or drinks as well. There are numerous benefits attached to the Eyeanimal Pet camera which is available at a not too expensive cost.

What is contained in the Eyeanimal Pet Camera by Dogtek package?

  • One Eyeanimal Camera
  • One USB cable
  • One manual
  • Sticker with a pad where you can put your name and address.

Description and Features

The Eyeanimal digital pet camera has a dimension of 2.4 x 1.8 x 1.6 inches and it weighs 1.15 ounces. The camera is lightweight and your pet may not even know there is a camera around its neck. However, some pets do not like wearing collar and may know something is up. This could be a bit of a problem and you need to figure out a way to attach the camera to your pet’s collar. The camera comes with a plastic chip with which you will attach it to the collar of the pet. The camera should be placed with the lens parallel to the ground so you can see what your pet sees. However, if your pet does not like collars at all or is extremely frisky, there is a chance that he might knock the camera loose and have it lost. Except of course you were watch at that particular time, the camera could get lost for good.

Resistant to water 

All outdoor cameras should be able to resist water and withstand the effects of water should they come in contact with it. The Eyeanimal pet camera is not an exception as it is highly resistant to water. If you pet gets into water, the camera would still continue to work, so no worries about this.

Ease of usage 

As described above, the camera is very easy to use as all you need to do is attach it to your pet’s collar. There is a button on it that you would press twice. The first press will turn on the camera and a blue light will come on. The second press will flash the blue light and this indicates that the camera has started recording. To stop recording, press the button once, while to turn off the camera, press and hold the button.

Storage and battery capacity 

The Eyeanimal Pet Camera by Dogtek comes with 4GB of storage memory and it can record at a stretch of two and a half hours. To view recorded footage, connect the camera via USB cable to PC and view the files.

Video and Audio Quality 

The camera records with a resolution of 600 x 400 pixels at 29 frames per second so the image is clear enough. The camera does not come with night vision too which could be a downside.


  • Lightweight and easy for your pet to carry around.
  • Easy to set up
  • Water-resistant


  • Absence of night vision.
  • Can easily be lost.


This camera is a great camera to own if you would like to see what your pet is up to. Although, not quite the perfect camera as it lacks in some departments, it nonetheless does its job smoothly and serves its purpose for a pet camera that costs $75.99 on Amazon.

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