Why a Pet Camera?

The latest technology in Pet Cameras boast stand-out features that include your pet being able to call you, an increased level of interaction when you are away from home whether it be with a laser pointer or the ability to throw a treat for your best friend from the pet camera. This is only where it starts however, we provide in-depth pet camera reviews to help you find the pet camera best for your family pet, your budget, and the level of interaction while you're away you are looking for.

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The Best Pet Camera For You

furbo pet camera

Furbo Pet Camera With Treat Tossing
The Furbo Dog Camera Treat Tossing, HD Wifi Camera is currently the #1 Pet Camera selling on amazon and other large retailers. The price point packed with features caters to this success, and the overall product quality is great. This two way voice camera allows you to call your pet to the area and toss them a treat when they aren't tearing up the house! It also allows you to check in on them throughout the day. This is one of the highest recommended cameras.

Why a Pet Camera or Pet Monitoring System?

Why a pet camera? Pets, whether dogs or cats, are lovely and cute, and can be great company, but they can sometimes give you a headache if you can't keep track of them. Think about how many times you have seen a poster of a missing dog, or cat.   Then came Pet Cameras This is why I want to talk about these pet monitoring systems and why they are important. A Pet Camera is a device that can be connected to your smartphone, tablet, or computer to help you interact with, and monitor your pet remotely.

Keeping your family pet home, safe, and entertained

In the United States alone, there are over 70 million stray cats, with only about 1.6 million adopted into shelter homes. If that doesn't disturb you, you should know that only 700,000 of of the 3.2 million adopted animals (dogs inclusive) are returned to their owners. There is no definite figure for how many stray dogs we have in the US, but the figures are frightening. The good thing is we can keep our dogs and cats at home and not be a part of the problem. A Pet Camera can bring peace of mind like a security camera bought from a hidden camera spy shop as well, because it can double as both, Besides, we don't want to lose our lovely pets, do we? And for those who are anxious about leaving their pets alone at home, a pet camera is perfect for you. You can even play with them and give them some treats while you're away. It doesn't get any better than this.

Should you get a Cat or Dog monitoring system?

While there are some cameras built specifically for dogs, some are built for both cats and dogs, and there are some others built to monitor your home and your pets as well. You can capture special moments of your stay-home dog and even share with friends and loved ones.

Stand-Out Pet Camera Features

While features may vary between each pet monitoring system, I have put together some features that are common with most modern pet cameras. Check out this video displaying some of the awesome features a pet camera can have, this is a short clip on the PetChatz HD & PawCall Bundle.

Wi-Fi Connected  Camera: The camera is powered by Wi-Fi so it can be connected to your mobile device of computer wherever you are. This feature allows you to monitor your pet, see what they are up to, and keep an eye on them. Some Cameras are equipped with night vision capabilities to let you monitor them at night. Others are wide angled cameras for extended view. Also, there are apps available that enables you to take a picture as you monitor your pets. This can help you create lifetime memories.

Pet Camera Treat Dispenser: Just so you or your pet doesn't miss out on any of the fun you guys have when you're together, a dispenser is attached to some pet cameras so you can reward them for being nice or just treat then to a snack. The dispenser also allows you have a fun moment with your pet. You can make them play catch as you pop out those tiny snacks from the launcher. So you don't just play with your pet, you can feed it as you want.

Two-Way Voice Chat Pet System: What is better than been able to communicate with your lovely pet remotely? Modern pet cameras have audio systems that let you interact verbally with your pets. You can give them instructions, sing with them, or just tell them how work is going. With this feature, even when your pet is not in sight, you may be able to monitor their movement through sound cues and know what they're up to. It's amazing because you don't just see them, you can talk to them as well.

Pet Video Recording: Apart from just seeing what your pet is doing, you can record their actions too. Some pet cameras offer up to 138 degree wide angle HD video cameras up to 720p to see and record beautiful moments and show to your friends. For such cameras that serve as home surveillance cameras, your pet camera can just be a timely security device when you need one. It can capture a break in or any other criminal activity within your home.

Convenient Mountable Pet Cameras: Whether it's a dog camera or cat camera, they usually come with easy-to-use multiple mounting options so that they can be placed on the floor or fixed on the wall. This feature gives you flexibility. The kind of pet you have; active and jumpy or lazy and sluggish will help you determine where you place your pet camera. It is convenient.

Fun Pet Games: I have seen some pet cameras that come with laser dot games. For some of them, you just have to drag your finger across the screen to move the dots and watch your pet chase them. So you don't leave the bond and the fun when you leave the house. You can continue to create timeless memories with your pet and keep them active while you work. Apps for such games are available on major app providers online.

Two-Way Video Calling: This is the product of an audio communication system, a camera, and a video recorder. You can keep the bond alive with video calls to and from your pets. Some devices come with a PawCall button so your pet can give you a call when they are signaled that you are ready to talk. So just in case you forget to keep in touch, your cat can buzz you.

Temperature Monitor: And just in case you get worried about your pet's health while you are away, there are some devices that come with features to monitor the environment's temperature. With this, you can be sure that your pet is comfortable and cozy. You can also tell when it's too hot or cold for your pet and get to do something about it.

Now you can put all the worry, fears and anxiety aside. Here is something that helps you stay in touch with your pets and keep an eye on them. They don't get to stray, misbehave, and they are not worried about your absence because you are actually present. It's even more important if you have a sick or old pet and you need to check on. Just as you can put a call through to your family and loved ones to check on them, you can now check on other members of your family too- your pets